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Katie Riggio

Hi Lauren!

Sorry to hear your client is running into that. Let's see if we can find a trend:

  • What version of Chrome are they using to view the content?
  • Does the text cut out on certain slides?

If you're able to share the .story file for testing, that would be super! You can send it privately to me through this secure link. I'll publish it to Review 360 and let you know what I see!

elpl@developer.com .


I have the very same problem - but simply with course created in Storyline 360 and viewed on chrome. The version of chrome is 83.0.4103.116 - the newest update. And this effect appears randomly. In one package some of the callouts are cut and after publishing again - other.

I tried checking the different text options - to autofit shape, to do not autofit. Nothing works.

Ren Gomez

Hi Anna,

Thanks for sharing those details. A few questions to help troubleshoot:

  • Are you publishing to your LMS or a web server?
  • How are you storing your course when you view it? 

It sounds like you may be viewing this locally, and if so, check out this article that provides some tips on properly viewing a published course:

Ren Gomez

Hi Anna,

Thanks for the additional details! Since you're experiencing this before and after you upload to your LMS, I've opened a case on your behalf to have our support engineers help troubleshoot.

Feel free to share your file with us by using your unique upload link below:

Once they review, they'll reach out with next steps!

Rob Rode

Hey there Lauren.  My name is Rob Rode and I'm a Sr. Instructional Designer/storyline developer and I recently came across your post concerning text display issues w/ 360 and Chrome.  Question: would you mind sending me a copy of your storyline file?  I ask because while I know you may have begun working w/ the folks here, I too have seen instances of this issue, but I've also had a "workaround" that may/may not be useful.  One way that I can test my theory about this is to look at your .story file and determine if what I'm doing might be of some help as well.

Rob Rode
Sr. Instructional Designer