Suggestion for viewing Rise content in Review

We are creating more and more shorter pieces of content in Rise to supplement our main courses built in Storyline. We anticipate that users will mostly access this Rise content using mobile devices. As the person building something in Rise I can preview how it will look on a tablet or phone. However, when I use Review to share projects with colleagues and other project stakeholders, they are only able to see how it would appear displayed on a computer screen. Are there plans to add an option to Review which allows users to choose to see how content would display on tablets and phones?

Thanks in advance.


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Vincent Scoma

Hey Barney,

Thank you for reaching out!

Having the option to switch to a mobile view on a desktop in Review 360 would be a new feature. Currently, if a colleague or stakeholder is provided a link to a course in Review, they could access it through their mobile device. If you'd like to see this type of change to Review 360, I'd love to have you share more thoughts with our team as a feature request.

Please let us know if you have any questions!