Suggestion on menu display and position of edit and resolve icons in Review

Apr 15, 2020

Articulate Review is very much appreciated. It has made our revision workflow so much better.  However, there are two minor UI items that keep popping up.

1) When SMEs want to edit a comment they invariably hit the "Resolve" icon. Could these be separated a bit?  Maybe put the resolve icon in the upper-left corner of the comment area?

2) In large projects, we have to do a lot of scrolling up and down the menu to see what slide is currently being reviewed. Both the scrolling bar and the slide actually being reviewed have the same light gray background. The only difference between the two is the slide being viewed entry has blue text.

It would be much faster if the slide being reviewed was marked with bold text and a brightly colored border. Or maybe reverse text against a dark background. This would greatly facilitate finding the slide number in the menu as the SMEs scrolled up and down long menus.

I'll attach some screenshots. 

Thanks for considering these improvements to Storyline Review.


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