Uploading Files to Review 360

Nov 18, 2021

My system crashes when I try to Publish to Review 360. This happens when I'm online and select the, "Publish locally for manual upload" option.

So, instead of selecting:

  Review 360 >> Publish locally for manual upload

Is there anyother way to publish the files offline, locally to my system, and then later upload it to Review 360?



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Becca Levan

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Riaz! 

I'm sorry you're having this trouble — Let's start with these tactics:

  • Can you confirm that the project you want to publish is saved locally and not on a network drive or external device?
  • Try running a quick repair of Storyline to see if that improves things.

If those steps don't do the trick, connect with us here so we can troubleshoot further. We'll reach out shortly after with the next steps!