URGENT - Articulate Review access issue for customers

I have sent customers links to the Review tool and on two separate occasions, customers have been unable to log in as they do not have an account.

The SHARE settings allow users without Articulate IDs to view the item and the password protection button is not selected.

This is obviously embarrassing and I need to rectify this.

Can anyone help please?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Martin,

What error message are you customers seeing?

If you didn't enable a password for the Review course, anyone who has your Share link (different than the link you see in the browser while editing) would be able to view and navigate around your course.

Once a reviewer chooses to comment on the course, they'll have two options if you're allowing comments without an Articulate ID:

  • Insert their email address that is not associated with an Articulate ID and leave comments, feedback, etc. 
  • Insert their email address that is associated with an Articulate ID, and they'll be prompted to log in. If they're not sure what their password is, there should be a Forgot Password link that they can use to have it resent to them. 

It's important to note that an Articulate ID isn't specific to using Articulate 360, it's one login that could be used to access and post in ELH, download any other software versions such as Storyline 2 or 3, etc. 

If you and your customers are still stuck, can you provide us with a copy of your Share link so that we can test it too?  If you'd like you can also send that privately here. 

Martin Dean

Hi Ashley

Many thanks for getting back to me and explaining the whole process.  My customer must have an Articulate ID (from some other activity) as she was asked to enter her password and DID get an offer to remind her of her password.  This explains the issue and I will get back to her now to pass on the explanation.

I think it would make sense NOT to have users log in on the basis that they have an Articulate ID.  The only real purpose for entering the email address is to correctly identify the commenter, so I am not sure why there is the added level of login for those who happen to have an ID from a previous encounter.  Maybe this can be explored?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Happy to help, Martin! I can absolutely share that insight with the team. 

Another alternative is to use a different email address (say a personal vs. work one) or if you're not concerned about reviewers receiving email notifications on additional comments, they could use a made-up email address (For example, I created a comment earlier and set my email to AshleyT@360Review.com, for the purposes of identifying who I was but not getting notifications.)

Martin Dean

I did think of that but decided it would all be a bit messy when the reviewer does not get the emails.  I have passed on your explanation and hopefully, the customer will simply set a new password and then be able to participate.

The big issue is that the slightest extra effort and they revert to sending emails, which are hard to manage and attribute to the content.  So the easier this process can be, the better for us all!