Using a Review course as a web object?

Hi, it seems its not possible to have a course hosted on Review used within a course? Just tried using the URL to Review as a web object but got the message "This content can't be shown in a  frame" then it goes n about security reasons.
So any tips how I can show an already built course within another course? 

I cant copy and paste the slides as the 'new' master course is larger than the previous 'resource' course.

Thanks all.


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Steven!

Yes, that is correct! We don't support using a Review 360 link as a Web Object. If you published the course and uploaded it to a website, then you could add that link for the Web Object.

Review 360 isn't a website host which is why you're receiving that error message. Please let me know if I can clarify in any way!