Video Upload Extremely Slow (Articulate Review)

Apr 07, 2017

The video upload to Articulate Review is extremely slow (always not currently) .

I have done this many different days and it is always the same. A video with a size of approx. 200mb takes about half an hour.

I have a 60mbit upload rate.

Uploading the same videos to a different streaming portal (at the same time) is done in less than a minute, so I guess it is not the problem of my internet speed.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Christoph, 

Are they videos you're uploading from Peek, or are you doing the manual upload to Articulate Review? 

I didn't have any videos that larger and my upload speed hovers around 6 mbps (my download is at 65 though!) , so I had a colleague who had uploaded a 242 MB .mp4 video file and he shared it took 80 seconds to upload, and an additional 60 seconds to process, using a 12 Mbps upload connection. I wonder if you're also using a different file format such as a .mov or .wmv file, as that conversion could be adding to our upload/processing time? 

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