Web Objects in Review


We are experiencing inconsistent performance when our stakeholders and reviewers get to our "Survey Slide" which uses a web object.  Prior to using review, our reviewers always provided feedback with a "draft" version being in the LMS.  Review works much better (and allows our LMS to stay clean) but not I am seeing that our Surveys either don't act appropriately or dont show up at all.


Is this a current limitation (which if it is that is fine, just looking for clarification).





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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Joshua,

I haven't seen myself or heard of a limitation of using web objects in Review, but often when folks mention it being inconsistent that leads me to wonder a bit more about the environment in which it's being viewed. Do you know if all your stakeholders are using the same browser? Accessing the content within the same network/environment? 

You'll see the supported browsers for Articulate 360 here, and you'll want to focus on the column for (RV). 

Also, if you've got a link to share with us here I'm also happy to give it a test and see if we run into anything as well. 

Hope you enjoy your holiday weekend!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Joshua,

I'd agree with Christoph's idea - we've seen similar issues before when using a YouTube video as a web object that wasn't set for https but was hosted in an environment/LMS that was set up as such. You'll want to ensure that the hosting and the web object have the same set up in terms of the https security. 

Let us know if you're not able to make that change or if the behavior still persists.