Where are all the comments?

Oct 19, 2021

My supervisor reviewed an Articulate 360 course in Review 360. As he commented, I received 4 separate emails about these 4 separate comments. This occurred last week. I filed the emails in the appropriate folder and didn't think much about it, until today.

Just now, I decided to go into Review 360 to review these changes. However, when I entered Review 360, there were only 2 comments listed. I thought I may be able to export the comments to see all 4; however, only 2 displayed again. Do you have any suggestions for how I can view all of the 4 original comments made? I need to see which slides the comments were on to make the changes. Also, I have about 8 total courses in review with Review 360 and do not want this to occur every time. 



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Lauren Connelly

Hello Melissa!

I'm happy to help! Do you have multiple versions of the course? If so, are you viewing the current version or a previous version? Here's more information about publishing a new version or updated version to Review 360.

It would be best to work with you directly in a support case. Can you share the Review link with us to understand what you see on your end?

Kevin Pierce

I'm having this exact same problem: I'm receiving new comments via email, but when I log into Review, the comments aren't there in the "Current Version" of the course.

I suspect the issue has to do with publishing a new version of an existing course, while a SME is  actively working in the course in Review. That seemed to stick my SME's NEW comments permanently in the OLDER version of the course. I checked, and there they were in the older version. And if I publish several versions while a SME is in Review, their comments will be scattered throughout multiple older versions.

I can work around this anomaly, but it detracts from the usefulness of Review. Especially under very tight deadlines, I need to make changes and resolve comments almost immediately after they are posted by my SMEs. I often don't have the luxury to wait until every SME is done before I start making changes. Additionally, with multiple SMEs in Review at different times, I need to keep the "Current Version" in Review as up-to-date as possible. I can't just work in Rise and just publish a final version after everyone is done. I must show progress . . . and that is why I need to publish several versions in a short amount of time while multiple SMEs are in Review.

Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't.


Kelly Auner

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for reaching out! I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue. From the details you shared, it does sound possible that the comments are scattered throughout different versions of your course as you quickly make changes. I understand how frustrating this can be, especially when you're on a deadline.

If you'd like to share the Review link with our team, we'd be happy to take a closer look! You can upload it here or privately in a support case. I'll be sure to share your comments with my team. We love to hear from our customers about what will be useful to them while working on a course.

Coal Services eLearning

I am experiencing the same issue. After seeing this discussion, I also checked previous versions to see if I can find comments that are not displayed in the current version. Indeed, the missing comments are in Version 1 (instead of the 'current' Version 3). Have you been able to identify what this issue is and how to fix it?

Kelly Auner

Hi Vera!

I'm glad to hear that you located the comments on a previous version of your course. I just replied to your other post about missing comments. So you don't have to jump back and forth, I'll include an explanation here.

When you edit your course, you have the option to create a new course or update an existing version.

  • If you choose to update an existing course and share the Review link with stakeholders, they'll view and comment on the latest version. If they try to comment on a previous version, they’ll see an error message.
  • If you publish a new version after they leave feedback, their comments will remain on the old version until they are resolved. This article explains this process in more detail.

If you prefer that reviewers don't see previous versions of a course, you have the option to hide them, so that only you as the content owner can view the hidden versions. I listed the steps, here!

Kevin Pierce

Hi Kelly,

I read all of the linked articles, but I think that the loophole still remains:

Review's Loophole: If I publish a new version to Review while reviewers are currently commenting in a previous version, then their comments will be permanently trapped in the previous version and will not be carried forward to the current version.

This loophole doesn't happen often, but I have been (unpleasantly) surprised by it. Until Articulate closes this loophole, then my standard operating procedure is this:

My Standard Operating Procedure: I monitor email notifications of Review comments (which I have set to "all" and "instant"). When I publish a new version, I double check that the comments in the emails have carried forward to the current version. If they do carry forward, I can delete or archive the emails. If they don't carry forward to the current version, then I can copy/paste the comments from the previous version into the current version. The email notifications are key here. Before, I viewed them as a "nice to have", but now I view them as a "must have". Before, I usually deleted them as they came in, thinking I could always address them all at once in the current version in Review.

It's extra work, but it's the only fool-proof way I have to make sure I'm not adversely affected by this loophole. Like I said, it's not common, but when it happened I got in hot water with my reviewers (one of which is my boss) because I had, in their eyes, ignored their comments. Not a good look for me.


Nick Birks

I suggest there be a setting to view all unresolved comments from all versions. As an example, it's useful to include a comment from a previous version that can be checked against a correction in the new version. In other words, you may want to wait to resolve a comment till it's been achieved and checked in the new version. The ability to check whether it's done is part of the process usually.

Also, it would be useful to have draft comments. I may want to adjust my comments while I review a course, and so it would be useful to be able to keep comments as drafts and then post and send them together at the end of my session.