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I'm starting to use Rise as an elearning authoring tool and I have a few questions about it:

1. I'm writing in Hebrew. Does Rise fully support RTL? I can manually change the direction to rtl when I'm writing, but when I preview, everything goes back to LTR 

2. How can I Change the fonts and the color of text and heading?

3. Will GIF format work on Rise? 

Thank you!

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Noam!  Welcome to 360.  :)

1.  We are working toward right-to-left language support in Rise- thanks for asking!

2.  You can customize the universal look and feel of your Rise course right within the Settings tab.  At the landing page for your course, choose Settings at the top.  From there, choose Customize Theme, and you'll be able to apply custom colors, and heading and body fonts for your text.  Check out this quick Peek screencast I made to better demonstrate!

3.  Yes, you can use GIFs in Rise!  See this article for more information on best practices with images, videos and audio in Rise courses.

Most importantly, have fun!!  Let us know how we can help.

Danit Isaacs

Hi Noam,

Regarding the RTL and Hebrew issue, check out my post on this thread:


Basically, you can export and download your Rise project, make changes to the "index.html" file, 
and save a supported font file to the  lib\fonts directory.

let me know if this worked for you