421 Misdirected Request Error


I'm experiencing a reoccurring error when using the Review site. I also received the error when accessing this page. Wondering if anyone has experience with it? I've contacted my IT department and they suggested it was an Articulate issue. I disagree as I have my own software and have only experienced this error using my work laptop. I've attached a copy of the error below. It's happening with all Articulate users where I work and most often when viewing a Rise course in Review 360. A refresh or two will resolve the issue but I'm looking for a more permanent fix. 

Thank you!

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Amy. We're looking into this behavior on our end.

Can you let me know which version and build number of Google Chrome you're using? You can find it by typing about:chrome in your address bar. Also, please verify the version of a couple of other coworkers who are seeing this error, too.

Thanks so much!

Crystal Horn

Hi again, Amy! We had a look at the reasons why you'd see this error message. When you are directed to one of our sites, both your network and the service that delivers our content are checking to make sure that you're going where you're supposed to. In simple terms, if any of the identifying information doesn't match, you will see this error. If you want to geek out on the details and share with your network team, here's precisely what's happening.

I'm assuming that you've previously been able to access our sites, including community.articulate.com, without any trouble since I see a few years' history between us. Thanks! ☺️

I would ask your network team if anything has changed with the corporate firewall around the time you started noticing these errors. Specifically, it looks like the SNI (server name indication) is changed when our site passes through your firewall. 

Let me know if you need help with that conversation!