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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Angel, 

I saw a few questions from you, and I love that you're digging into all that Rise has to offer! 

It sounds like you're hoping to change the font color in a few different places? Overall the font colors you can change are within the lesson text, not as a part of the lesson title or headers on such things as an Accordion.

Some of the titles will pick up the color you've set as your Rise theme color accent (for example, a tabs interaction) and that color is carried throughout your course for consistency.

Our team loves hearing new ideas and what things would help make your course design easier, so keep those tidbits coming! 

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Natalie. The item title doesn't allow text formatting. For the item description, you should be able to see the color change in the block itself. The editing pane won't show the color formatting. If it's not working that way, can you share these details with me:

  • What browser are you using?
  • Which font are you using for body text?


Sue Ascher


I've been changing font colors to a custom color, and suddenly the changes stopped working. If I try a palette color, it's fine, it's only happening with my custom color. I've tried restarting erasing formatting and restarting Rise, but that doesn't help. Interestingly, when I check previously changed text, the hex box is empty. 

The attachment shows: 1. previously changed text (that no longer shows the hex #), 2. added hex number to the palette box and 3. heading that stayed black.