Accessibility - Storyline file names in Rise

Hi all

Hoping this is a quick question... I'm building Rise courses with embedded Storyline activities and want to make sure that they are as accessible as possible.

Can someone tell me - if someone is working through a Rise course using a screenreader like JAWS and comes to an embedded Storyline activity, will the screenreader read out the file name, or just the first line of the embedded content?

My filenames are currently all for my reference (e.g. M1_Scr3_Act4 type of thing) so if they will be read out then I'll need to make them more user friendly!

Thanks in advance


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Leah Holroyd

Hi Alyssa, thanks for your reply.

I know that Rise isn't fully compliant yet, but I'm just trying to do everything I can to make the courses as accessible and user-friendly as possible...

Just wondered if anyone with experience of trying to use screen readers with Rise could comment on how they deal with embedded SL files.