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Anne Sophie VANDAMME


I am working on some capsule made with storyline 3 in which we are included this badge at the end for learners who answered correctly and completed the work successfully.

these capsules (html5) are set within an app.

We would like to be able to have to badge earned appearing in the profile of the user on the app... but i don't know how to do that !

did you find a way for this tracking you wanted to implement ?

Would you have any advice?


Anne Sophie


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Anne Sophie!

Thanks for your question! I would recommend asking the question in the Articulate Storyline forum since you're using Storyline 3. You're likely to get help from other Storyline users that way. 


Also, be sure to include the name of the app you're using, in case others have experience with that app!