Accordion block

Is there a way to create a new layout for an accordion block?  We use an accordion to display a course transcript and our courses have a lot of pages.  I'd like to create an accordion that only has one section, titled View Transcript" and an area where I can paste the text, this way I don't have to delete the image, and the following two sections every time.



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Alyssa Gomez

Hey there Chris,

Smart idea to use an accordion block as a place to display transcript text! One way you can reuse the same accordion layout again and again is by creating a lesson template. Then, each time you create a new lesson, simply duplicate the template and add the lesson content. This video explains the process step-by-step. I hope that helps!

Chelsey Slack

Awesome idea!  Thank you.  Since I have multiple courses (300!) is there any way I can create the accordion block and import it into other courses that are already built?  Just trying to find a cheat!  There are a lot of courses and some require the transcript block multiple times.  Thank you Alyssa!

Alyssa Gomez

We did just release a new feature in Rise that will allow you to copy an entire lesson from one course to another, but it sounds like you want to copy the accordion block into lessons that already exist, correct? That's an excellent idea, and I can definitely see how it would save lots of development time. I'll pass that along to my team for you!