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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi MaryJane,

There isn't an option to force the learner to download a document, but you could add in a continue block to have them confirm that they downloaded/read it prior to advancing. 

Here's a quick look at what that may look like: 

I built this using an Attachment block, a Checklist (with one item) and then a Continue block. To read more about how to use a continue block, check out this article. 

Danny Evans

So this helped me out immensely. but.....

I would love to add another question to this. 

I would like the learner to be forced to click the checkbox to continue as the first item block (it is a legal disclaimer) but then have unrestricted access to the rest of the course in any order they choose.  

If I set the course access to free then the learner can simply click past this block and review the material without clicking the acknowledgment.

If I set the course access to restricted then the learner is required to check the box to get the continue button but then has to review the remainder of the content in order as well.  

I know this is an "I Want to have my cake and eat it too" scenario but has anyone figured out a solution?


Kelly Doane

I like this idea, but is there a way in Rise to use the quiz to complete this? I'd like to have the acknowledgment text stored in the LMS as proof that the learner clicked the button. I know you can delete the second option text in a multiple choice, but not the radial button itself - which looks odd in Preview and might confuse the learners. 

Any suggestions?