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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Cormac! Rise 360 was designed to be a rapid e-learning development tool, so it doesn't have all of the customization features you'll find in Storyline 360.

Many e-learning designers strike a nice balance between rapid development and creative customization using both tools! When Rise 360 doesn't offer the customization you're looking for, that's the perfect opportunity to design your own interaction in Storyline 360 and embed it in your Rise lesson using a Storyline Block

For example, Ashley beautifully integrated Storyline 360 interactions into this Rise 360 course about climate change. Hopefully that will spark some ideas for you!

Karl Muller

Hi Bianca,

Click Edit on the left side of the Labeled Graphic block.

On the left edge you should see a list of the current markers.

To add a new marker, move the cursor over the image.

The cursor should change to a plus sign.

Clicking anywhere on the image will now add a new marker at the current cursor location.