Add the Elements to the Homepage also?

Mar 07, 2017


I would like to see the ability to add the Different elements available in the different lesson sections on the Homepage also instead?

I have courses that simply require linking to external links for different languages, so instead of having to create a Lesson for each Language, it would be useful to be able to add a set of buttons to the Homepage under the Description (Instructions) thus reducing the number of clicks required?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Darren,

Thanks for sharing some ideas here and I'd love to know a bit more about what you're looking to see so that I can share that with our product team. It sounds like from this description and you're post in this other Rise discussion you'd like the start screen of a Rise course to act solely as a home page with access to the buttons and links you need to share? That way the start page would link out to other individual Rise courses that are localized into various languages? 

It sounds similar to some of the "branching" ideas I've seen shared here and here. I hope that those will get you started in the right direction! 

Darren McNeill

Thanks Ashley, similarly to the other questions I am asking about my requests, the buttons would be linking to deep links into other external courses hosted on other Content owner sites.

We have around 150 external content providers, and some cannot be integrated into our LMS, and so we want a "One Stop Shop" for our learners to start from instead of various links to external Content etc, if this makes sense. All users must access learning from our LMS so that we can accurately report on activities from one source.

Currently, we have one vendors content that users are struggling to use as it is a different approach ( Another long Story), so we want to create an interactive Instructional Bridge, to quickly tell users what to expect and then go to the course and attempt it.

I identified Rise as a more responsive visually friendly method for this, but, I just need to see if we can reduce the clicks a bit?

I hope this helps.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Darren - it sounds like a really interesting, complex set up you've got over there! You could set up a Rise course to link to other courses as in that branching example I linked too - but as for reducing the number of clicks and how that'll all track back to your LMS, I'll defer to our community of experts as it's a bit more customization than I'm equipped to provide advice on! I'm curious what other ideas the community has, and definitely keep us posted if you come up with a method that'll work for your needs.