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Craig Sumner

yes it is possible, I found there was a certain way to export an animated gif, for me it was to export a QuickTime animation from either after effects or premiere and then open that in photoshop and export as a gif using export for web, this seemed to work the best and created a file that rise could use.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks, Angela. I tested it on my end, and it also crashed my image preview. Looks like a fairly large animated gif. I saw the same error message that you saw, and was discussing with a few other teammates who shared that some large GIFs (over 50 mb) have caused the same behavior in Rise.

We're going to look into this as a possible bug, so I'll keep you posted here! Thanks for bringing it to our attention, and I'll let you know as soon as I have any more info. 

Articulate User

I have loaded a very large GIF into my Rise course as the Cover Photo and also have the GIF playing on the side panel once the user enters the course. When people take the course they report it is crashing on them (especially when they are watching videos which are large files too). 

Currently, my Cover Photo GIF is 200mb and does NOT play on the side panel in hope for the course to stop crashing on everyone. Is this enough or should I remove the GIF/significantly reduce the size of the GIF....?

Could something else be causing the course to crash too..? It was even crashing in the Articulate Review link.

Renz Sevilla

Hi there! That sounds like a fairly large-sized GIF for the cover photo. I would suggest reducing the size of the file. If it's not essential to the course, a static image for a cover photo would do. 

Next, I'd check to also make sure people are getting the best Rise experiencing by using supported browsers. The supported browsers for Rise 360 are listed here.