Adding searchable tags to Rise

Jun 12, 2019

The courses we build contain videos. Is there a way to add a hidden list of keywords/tags to make the videos more searchable in Rise?

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Sarah Jackson

Definitely the learners. I want them to think, "Where did I see the section about XYZ?" Then be able to enter XYZ in the search field in Rise and have it include the video in the search results based on the tags we assigned it during development. Or, if it could search the transcript in Storyline block we added to Rise, that would be amazing too!

Steve Flowers

Hi Vira - 

One idea that could work is adding your tags in the captioning area and making the color the same as your background for the block. If you have a lot of tags, this can get a little unruly. Another idea is to add your transcript in a block below the video with description tags or other tags. 

Competence Development Network

Hello, I know this article was published a while ago, but I am searching for the same feature. I have several courses which are linked together through different keywords. I would like to use something like a hashtag, so that my learners can easily find all learnings under, let's say self-awareness. Is there any such feature implemented yet?