Adding shared courses into a folder

Mar 02, 2018

Is there a way to put a shared course into a folder on Rise? When my counterpart shares her courses with me, they show up on my front page, but since I do not have  ownership of it, I am unable to move it into a folder.

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Katie Riggio

Hello there – and welcome to ELH, Jodi!

Great question! As you mentioned, the shared course will automatically appear on your Rise dashboard in the Shared with me folder (as well as the All Courses container).



While there is no option to move shared courses to other folders available at this time, I'd still love to let our team know about this idea! ⭐️

If I may pick your brain – would you mind telling me a little more about why that particular function would come in handy for you?

Lloyd Wilson

Hi, can we please include this functionality?

I have a team working on content for multiple programs and I have no capability to sort the courses into groups. As Melissa mentioned, I don't think there should be any restrictions for collaborators.

Alternatively give us the ability to assign ownership to multiple people.

Cheers, Lloyd

Mylene Gamache-Tremblay

I would still be interested in that features not sure how roles help categorize our courses. My need is that I work on many multiple-courses projects. So it would really be helpful to only see the courses related to one project, including courses owned by colleagues as we are many developing too. thx