Adding Storyline Animations into Rise

May 24, 2022

I attended the on-demand learning webinar, Creating GIF-like Animations in Storyline 360, and I have a question.  When taking a slide that has an animation in Storyline and adding it to Rise 360 to use as a GIF (plays over and over), how to I get it to show up as a GIF and not as something with a big arrow that has to be clicked before it starts?


Thank you!

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Crystal Horn

Hi Rebecca! You'll need to create a GIF file out of your Storyline slide animation to insert it into Rise 360 as a GIF.

At the 43 min mark of our webinar, Sarah mentions that she created a recording of the animation in Storyline 360 using another tool, and then saved the recording as a GIF. By doing that, you can add the GIF in any block where images are accepted in Rise 360. 

If you're prevented from using external tools to convert content into GIFs, and you insert your Storyline animation slides using the Storyline block in Rise 360, you'll see a play button on your when viewing it on a mobile device, or on desktop if your Storyline content includes video or audio.