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Ali Goulet

Hey there Alamdar,

Great question! There are a couple ways that come to mind for accomplishing this. A popular one among the community has been to host your Storyline 360 course on the web and use this basic iFrame code in the URL/Embed lesson or Embed Block type:

<iframe src="Insert Your URL to the story.html Here"></iframe>

The second method would require a couple extra steps. Since you mentioned wanting to import the course specifically as a video into Rise, you may find that it meets your needs. Storyline courses are published as a collection of files rather than a single video file. If your course is meant to be watched rather than interacted with, you could publish it for CD then use Peek to make a recording of the course while viewing it on your local machine. Peek will produce an mp4 which then could be imported into your Rise course as a video.

Thanks so much for posing that question here, and I hope those suggestions are helpful!

PV  Training

Hi again, do we need to have our own web server to host storyline course or we can use Articulate for that? And if we don't have our own dedicated web server what to do? 

My reference about creating iFrame and accessing it here: https://articulate.com/support/article/how-to-upload-published-content-to-a-server

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Alamdar,

Storyline 360 and Rise are included in the same Articulate 360 subscription. The hosting of content in a web server is not included in Articulate 360 (Articulate Review allows for you to host content for review and commenting by SMEs). 

If you're in need of a hosting solution you could look at using Amazon S3, which is a really popular one mentioned here often.

PV  Training

Hi, thanks for the feedback. I can see that articulate review can host your contents but still you can get embed code for that content. If Articulate can in some easier way allow user to get Storyline embed code, it would be very beneficial for us. I have seen the Amazon solution but personally I wouldn't expect to go out of Articulate and get Amazon services for just embedding the content. We already have a LMS where we can host our courses, so it would be an extra thing to go for Amazon.

I suggest that Articulate provide a feature in Storyline where we can get the content as embedded in iFrame. Thanks for your time and support.


Justin Grenier

Hi, Alamdar.

It sounds like you're describing a scenario where you might host your published Storyline 360 output inside Articulate Review, and then embed that hosted Storyline content within Rise.  From there, it sounds like you might export your Rise course and host it inside your LMS.  Please let me know if I've misunderstood!

Articulate Review is laser-focused on easy collaboration with stakeholders on course development, and less about acting as a web host for embedded content.  I'd recommend having a quick conversation with your LMS Administrator, since some Learning Management Systems will provide space to host content you don't need to track.

If you still need hosting space, Ashley's recommendation to try Amazon S3 is a good one, or if Amazon isn't quite what you're looking for, there are lots of other inexpensive and reliable web hosts on the market.

Good luck with your project!