Adding Storyline link in Rise (include title slide Thumbnail)

Apr 26, 2018


I would like a Rise course to have links out to some simulations. Right now, when the link is added to the Rise course it only shows the title of the page (see Image 1). I am assuming this is determined by Embedly. However, I would like it to display a thumbnail of the title slide that opens a link to the Storyline page. Do any of you know how to make that happen? A particular embed code perhaps?

Thank you!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jeremy,

It looks like you're trying to add your Storyline course into a Tabs interaction. There is a way to do that, so I recorded a quick Peek video for you!  

You'll see the first option shown is to use the built-in Storyline interaction, but if you're looking to embed it inside another interaction - publishing Storyline to your webserver and using the iframe code: <iframe src="insert URL here"></iframe>  would allow you to embed it into another interaction. 

I showed what it would look like if published to Review, so you'll see it's not the best in terms of layout once embedded, but if you have another to another web server or hosting site that should work a bit better for you, I'm a fan of Amazon S3. 

Jeremy Larson

Thanks for the response Ashley. However, that is not exactly what I am looking for. The Storyline file I am including in the tabs interaction is for a software simulation. The text becomes way too difficult to read (and interact with) using the built in Storyline interaction feature or even the iframe. Instead, I plan to use a link within Rise to open the Storyline file in a new tab. However, when I insert a link into a Rise course, it shows up (like my image 1) with just the Title and my link out. I assume the title and link format are determined by Embedly. I would prefer if that link would display what it displays now with the addition of the thumbnail of the title slide of the Storyline file. Is there anyway to alter what Embedly pulls in when inserting that link? Is there anyway for those types of links to include the Storyline thumbnail? We are planning on doing the same for our documentation and video content types. Embedly seems to pull out an image and a portion of the documentation when we insert those links, When we insert videos, it puts a video player right into the tab and also allows for it to be viewed in a new tab. The only content type that really does not look good are links to our Storyline simulations. I was wondering if there is anyway to improve what those linked items look like. Or if there was any work around to getting those links to look better.

Crystal Horn

Hi Jeremy.  I get what you're saying -- I'll document your experience as a feature request for improvements with embedded link information.

In the meantime, would Ashley's suggestion of using an image with hyperlinked text in the tabs interaction work for you?  Check out the sample here.

Thanks for clarifying what you needed!

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