Adding to the Rise wish list

Aug 20, 2018

Donald Kerns has a great list going here.

I wanted to add a couple of items that I think could really change the way learners are interacting with the courses and the impact the learning has. All of these relate to how Rise is hosted (so sort of big asks):

  • Ability for learners to annotate and add comments on content in Rise.
  • Ability to add a survey style quiz, with fields distributed throughout the lessons, and post settings (email, tie to a google sheet or form etc.) we can control.
  • This is a +1 for the wish list items mentioned elsewhere:
    • nested block items - for example labelled graphic within process; 
    • text-centric (as opposed to image-centric) slideshows and grids;
    • ability to set max-size for images in grids.
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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Astha! Thanks for the ideas! I'll be sure these get into the right hands. 😁

I did have a question about this one: Ability for learners to annotate and add comments on content in Rise.

Would this be for the purpose of learners taking notes in the course? And if so, would you want to give them the ability to print these notes? Just making sure I understand the context!

Astha Parmar

Hi Alyssa - so sorry about the delayed response. Was travelling and just catching up on the forum.

Yes to your clarifications on the comments and the annotations. I think highlighting and taking notes is native to how people learn. Their ability to do this, come back to it, print it -- would all contribute to a better learning experience.

Thank you so much for considering the ideas!


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