Adobe Fonts on Rise 360

Has anyone been able to successfully use an Adobe Font (via their organizations Creative Cloud subscription) as a custom font for their theme on Rise 360?

The two brand fonts my organization uses are ones through Adobe Fonts. Typically when I use these fonts for web projects I rely on the relevant embed code:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

Any insight on bringing these fonts into Rise would be much appreciated!

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Jeff Forrer

Hello, which fonts are you trying to bring in?  I have brought in fonts when needed for my projects just fine, however some display better than others once imported.

  1. Go to Rise course.
  2. Click "SETTINGS".
  4. Click, "Manage Custom Fonts".
  5. Click "ADD CUSTOM FONT".
  6. Enter a font name.
  7. Upload your fonts (instructions on how to get the right format on this pop-up).
  8. Click "SAVE".
  9. Then select your new fonts listed in the HEADING FONT and BODY FONT drop-downs for you course.
  10. Click "SAVE".
Erin Sawicki

Thanks for the responses. I've definitely tried following the steps noted in both comments. However, I'm getting stuck at the step where I need to upload the fonts - I have no idea where to find these files. As these are Adobe fonts installed via Adobe Creative Cloud, they do not exist in the same directory the rest of the fonts on my machine do (C:\Windows\Fonts).

Is there a different folder I should look for these fonts in? A different way to grab these fonts from Is there anyway to link to a stylesheet in a Rise course? etc.

Marc Crawford

Hello Everyone,

As I understand it, you need to get access to the Adobe Fonts that you have activated via a subscription to Creative Cloud and the likes. These fonts will not appear in the windows folder, which means the normal upload process won't work. You need access to the Adobe fonts that are currently hidden in Adobe folders - so here is the solution.

I've attached the instructions in a word document, which will explain how to get a folder full of all your adobe fonts. However, they will need coverted into the correct format for uploading to Rise - there are loads of online programs to do that for you. But at least you have the files, then you can download and add them as you would any font - placing it where you need it.

Hope that helps.

Keith Mudd

Marc's awesome solution works great with Adobe Fonts synced via your Creative Cloud account for use in print, video, even Storyline. But if you want to use the Adobe Web Kit fonts that are in the same format that Rise uses (.woff) format, there is no way to access those fonts to be able to upload them to Rise. Adobe just provides the CSS code for your website so they can then be downloaded by an end-users browser and displayed properly. I'm afraid finding the .ttf or .otf equivalents of those web fonts and then converting them to upload to Rise is the only way to get those particular fonts in Rise.