After translation and reimport, spaces are gone and bold text not translated ...

Hi all,

I had Rise projects translated from German to French. I sent the Rise content as XLIFF file and received it back from our translator as XLIFF.

The import went smooth but when I checked the translated files, all spaces after a full stop, or whatever sign at the end of a sentence, are gone. Would you have an idea, how this came about? Our translator has not changed a thing to the file and cannot imagine, how he could have done that. 

Another issue is with bold or differently colored words, in a block. Have a look at the screenshot of the original and the translated version. Instead of bold or different color, it somehow deletes the word and translates only ",[object Object],".

I hope, you have an explanation for that, as the rework takes much longer if I have to live with that.

Thx, regards and have a nice weekend

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Justin Grenier

Hello, everyone.

Thanks for weighing in to let us know how important it is for us to get XLIFF translation right in Rise. We hear you, and we understand this is impacting you. Our team will be reaching out to each of you directly to schedule some focused time to get your feedback on the best way to fix this.

You'll hear directly from our team today.

Roland Straub

Hi all,

In my case our translation provider could solve the problem before I could submit it to the Support Team, as Allison suggested in a prompt reply.

My issue was apparently caused by a certain setting in our translators XLIFF tool, with which they execute translations. After they adjusted some parameters, the reimport worked well.

So from my side, I'm fine with the problem solution and thank you all for your continous great support.

Allison LaMotte

Hi everyone,

Some of you have told us that the tags we add to XLIFF exports (to preserve formatting) make those files hard to work with. 

If you’re one of those people, I’ve got some great news! You now have the option to discard that formatting in order to make XLIFF files easier to work with. Here’s more information on how that works. 

Keep in mind that if you decide not to include these HTML tags, any custom text formatting (size, color, boldness, etc.) that you’ve applied will be lost when you import your translation.

We've also reduced extra spaces in the export files so that they work better with third-party translators.

We’re hoping that these changes will relieve the pain that some of you have been experiencing with translation in Rise.

Thanks for your patience as we worked on this solution! 

Let me know if you have any questions.