Allowfullscreen not working in the Rise course export

Hello, we'd like to use Rise for courses having systems training videos. It would be ideal if these could be viewed fullscreen to make sure they're effective. However, even though the 'go fullscreen' button exists and interacts on the video control bar it refuses to play fullscreen. Any ideas if this can be fixed? This is only an issue after exporting, in Preview it works fine. Also it fails for both uploaded videos and embedded videos.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Steven,

Is this connected to the issue you also posted about here? 

What export options did you use and where are you hosting the Rise courses? As I said in that other discussion, we'd love to take a look at a course example to understand what you're seeing. You can share a link to the hosted course here, or reach out to our Support Engineers and they'll provide you with directions on sharing the Rise course. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Steven - would love to see a copy of it, and I'd also test it in SCORM Cloud which is a standard for LMS testing. What browsers are you viewing it in? I saw in your other discussion it looked like you were using an unsupported browser to author the course, so you'll want to check the browser list here. 

David Edwards

Hi, I'm having a similar problem with videos in multiple Rises courses. The videos are in mp4 format, uploaded to a video block in Rise. The fullscreen option works fine in Rise Preview, but once exported to our LMS (UltiPro Learning, a version of Schoox), the Fullscreen button is greyed out and does not function. This is a problem for us as some of the videos show slide details that can't be read properly in a smaller window. The same videos added directly to the LMS (not within a Rise course) do work in fulscreen mode.