Alt text for image showing amp code on cursor_over


I have an issue with some Alt text for an image i have uploaded in Rise. I have added the caption text for the image which includes a couple of '&' , when I cursor over the image in the text where the '&"s are it is showing some code for the '&' symbol. Anybody else experiencing this?


Alt error




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Karl Muller

In Rise the image Caption and the image ALT TEXT are not the same thing.

However, if you did not enter specific ALT TEXT for an image, then the Caption will automatically be displayed on mouse-over.

To enter ALT TEXT for an image, choose to Edit the image.

Next to the name of the image choose Edit again, and then choose Edit ALT Tag.

Your Caption text will appear here and show & 

Delete the & text that is already there and replace with just &

My test shows that if you enter & as ALT TEXT it will display correctly on mouse-over.