Alternative wording to 'Start course' in Rise

Is there a way to replace 'Start course' with other text?

In order to protect access to the Rise course published for the web, I have embedded it as an element of a LearnDash course, using 'rules' to control access.

I'd prefer to be able to use an alternative term to initiate the Rise course, e.g. 'Start interactive session'. 


Steve Orr

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Karl Muller

Hi Steve,

Yes it is possible. Access your course and select SETTINGS.

Then select LABELS

Under the heading Custom Course Labels, choose CREATE NEW and enter a name.

A copy will be made of the current label set and saved under the new name.

Find "Start Course" in the table below (it's the first entry) and enter your replacement text in the right column.

Select CLOSE at the top right and Preview your course to see the change.