Analytics Tracking Issues

I am currently using Rise 360 SCORM files to build-out courses that are being inserted into an LMS, Northpass, to use for education. 

We are currently having issues gaining the data associated with each course i.e. drop off points, quiz results, etc. We need to be able to obtain data on a highly granular level to better serve customers/students. Most importantly, we are unable to access individual quiz questions/answers. We would like to see what questions are being answered correctly, incorrectly, and what other changes may need to be made.

Any solutions for this situation would be majorly helpful.

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Brian Runo

Hi Crystal. Under Northpass's current platform, they are unable to interpret the data. They say that they are currently working on the situation but we are under a time constraint. 

Any options of other solutions, whether it be secondary analytics tools or something else, would be extremely helpful.