Animated Text Not Functioning Properly in Web Courses

Jun 08, 2020


One of my favorite features of your Rise courses is the animated text and photos that appear as you scroll.

We've created 4 courses in Rise now, and uploaded them to our website (non LMS), and this feature has not been working consistently (despite it being checked in the options in Rise). I've seen it work at times on my phone (Android, other times not at all, on either Chrome (Version 83.0.4103.61 (Official Build) (64-bit)) nor Firefox (76.0.1) 

Any help would be supremely appreciated. Here are our 4 courses, Lobbying 101-401:

Thank you!

Tamara Staton

Education and Engagement Assistant, Citizens' Climate Lobby


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Tamara. Thanks for confirming. I can see using Chrome's developer tools that the animation should be enabled on your content. I tested my own sample web output from today using Chrome Version 83.0.4103.97, and the block entrance animations worked as expected.

Since your website is built on Personify, can you check with their support for reasons why the content you're hosting isn't animating as designed?

Crystal Horn

Sure thing - sorry I wasn't clear. Using a sample course of my own, I exported a web package and tested with Chrome. I'm happy to test with your output as well! You can share it here as a zipped attachment to your reply, or send it to our team privately using this link.

If the animations from your output work on another web page, it will further point to the Personify settings as a possible clue.

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