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Martin Evans

I would like that option as well.  I have tried using the Statement B method that you suggest, but the text in the Statement B cannot be made bold. Even though the option is there when I select the text, I am only able to italicize the text. If it's going to be used as a heading, I should be able to make it bold like my other headings.  Also, the typeface is different from that in the other headings.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Martin! Thanks so much for letting us know you cannot make text bold in a Statement B Block. I tested it out on my end, and I saw the same thing you did. In regards to the typeface in Statement B being different from that in other headings, the font should be whatever you've selected as your heading font in Settings. It looks as if other headings use a bold typeface, and as you pointed out, Statement B doesn't have the option to bold the text.


From here, I'm going to let the team know what you found so that we can determine next steps. I'll be sure to come back and give you an update as soon as I have more information to share!