Anyone having trouble running their Rise modules using the CyberScholar LMS Platform?

Mar 23, 2017

I've been experiencing trouble running Rise modules using the CyberScholar LMS platform. They don't mark completion, as a result not awarding points to the users. Sometime they just stop running when they reach the quiz portion. Anyone? 

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Justin Grenier

Thanks for telling us about the problem, Samuel.

Rise is compatible with any AICC- or SCORM-compliant Learning Management System (with xAPI compatibility to come), so there are 2 ways you can troubleshoot this problem:

  1. You can upload your exported LMS content from Rise and upload it to SCORM Cloud for testing.  This is a great way to determine if the problem is specific to your LMS, and if the problem is reproducible in SCORM Cloud, we'd love to know about it!
  2. You can enable LMS Debug Mode and watch the communication flowing back and forth between your Rise course and your Learning Management System.

Either method will tell you more about what's happening here.  Please let us know how you make out!

Samuel Ramos

I think that's that problem we're having, RISE is not xAPI compatible. They're running fine in SCORM Cloud. I believe Cyberscholar is running a Drupal site using xAPI to launch our content. Uff..just build 45 courses using Rise and don't know if we're going use them. When is the fix coming. Do you have a temporary fix? Is Storyline xAPI compatible?  Do we need to switch to a different authoring tool? 

Justin Grenier

Hi, Samuel.

Hmm, it's fairly unusual to see an LMS that supports only xAPI these days, and even more unusual to see an LMS that allows you to upload and launch content that it doesn't support.  Anything is possible, but you may want to confirm your hypothesis with Cyberscholar.

We're targeting Tin Can (xAPI) support for the end of March, and you can follow our progress on our What's New, What's Next page.  If that date slips at all, you'll see it in early April.

We'd hate to see you rewrite your courses if you can wait a couple of weeks, but yes, Storyline 360 supports Tin Can (xAPI) today.

Please let us know if you need anything else!

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