Articulate 360 & Internet Explorer 11

Apr 05, 2018


We currently have Storyline 2 and are looking into getting articulate 360. A few of us have downloaded the articulate 360 60 day trial to test it out.

Most employees at our company have Windows 7 and use Internet Explorer 11, but our tech team is in the process of testing to upgrade everyone to Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge. Unfortunately the upgrade could take some time as it will be done in phases.

We are finding that Internet Explorer does not play well with articulate 360 on the creator side. If our creators have Microsoft Edge but the employees watching the courses do not, will that be an issue? Are there any issues with published courses using Internet Explorer 11? (including courses created in Rise)

Thank you!

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Elizabeth Pawlicki

Hi Julie! Authoring in Rise is supported in Microsoft Edge, but not in Internet Explorer.  This page has the full tech specs for Articulate 360 and I thought you may find it helpful.  Your learners (employees) watching the courses in Internet Explorer 11 shouldn't have any troubles, though!  Playback of Rise courses is supported in IE 11.

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