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Crystal Horn

Mike, this is so cool!  I feel like I'm there.  :)

On Lesson 8 of 16, "First Night," I'm getting a "No compatible source for this media" message.  It looks like a video lesson - you could have navigated away before the media finished uploading.  Can you double check that part of your course?

Thanks again for sharing and hanging out with us!

Career Time

I love this use of Rise! Really engaging as it makes me want to revisit and check for updates!  Some of that draw is the subject matter since I'm wishing I was at DevLearn right now, but imagine an eLearning experience that is so dynamic that learners want to come back to it to continue their learning? Fantastic!

Mark Shepherd

Fantastic work, Mike!

It really DOES feel like you are there, well done!

One small point to the Articulate team, though: I've completed the first two sections and both section quizzes of Mike's course, but it only says I'm 93% done, despite finishing everything (?)

Any thoughts on why that's the case?