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Nov 09, 2016

I like how we are seeing examples being released for Rise before the official announcement has been released :D

From what I can see this looks like a nice little product so can't wait to read exactly what it does :)

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David Price

The new products look good (although I'm still waiting for the Mac version of Storyline).

What I don't like is the new pricing structure.  I can see you have gone subscription based like most other software providers do these days, however you don't seem to be offering an individual application subscription.

For example at Adobe you can purchase the whole CC suite or choose individual applications to use (i.e. you only need Photoshop but don't need After Effects).  Have I missed this somewhere or is not something you are not offering?

If its not something you are offering then I'm sorry but I will be staying on SL2 as I have Adobe software that does a lot of the other stuff.


Edit: Apologies, I found the way to purchase the products individually (not very easy to find), but this raises another question.  I am assuming (and I may be assuming wrong), that Articulate 360 (with Storyline 360) will be the way forward.  So when you release a new version of Storyline, will people have to get the subscription version or will there be an individual upgrade price just for SL?

Mary Lacroix

The new 360 suite looks intriguing, but I'd like official confirmation that Rise can be acquired separately. The FAQ seems to say that no 360 products are available solo:

Can I buy the applications that are available with Articulate 360 à la carte?
No, Articulate 360 is available only as a comprehensive subscription that provides everything you need throughout the course development process. For example, you cannot buy Storyline 360 or Studio 360 separately. You can still buy perpetual licenses of Storyline 2 and buy perpetual licenses of Studio ’13.
Brian Gil

While perpetual versions of Storyline and Studio can be purchased separately, the Articulate 360 versions of these products and other products included with Articulate 360 cannot be purchased separately. Articulate 360 has been developed to work as a holistic suite to meet all your e-learning needs—from authoring (Rise, Preso, Storyline, Studio, Replay, Peek) to course assets (Content Library) to course feedback (Articulate Review) to training (Articulate Live).

David Price

This is quite disappointing really.  I understand why Articulate have done this but a lot of people in this sector are freelance and couldn't afford those kinds of recurring costs.  Aren't you alienating a very large portion of your customer base?  I may be completely wrong here though and you have the research that proves that this model works.

I would have thought making 360 customisable would have been a better approach.

Donald Kerns

While you can hide the author, is there a way to CHANGE the author's name (i.e., the licensed user of Articulate 360 is often not the "author" that would be listed on the activity for public purposes)?

It would be nice if Rise would let us choose to display someone else's name (and credentials, photo, etc.) as the author. While we can use text blocks to provide the SME's information, the default space for "author" name/photo directly under the course title is often the best place for this information. Of course, this would need to be a course-specific setting so each course could have different author information listed.

See attached mockup for how this setting might work (default would be the licensed Rise user but we could upload a photo and provide the "public" author's name/info).

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Donald for the mock up! I don't see changing the author's name currently on our road map, but it's good to understand what you'd want it to look like and the use case surrounding it, as that'll help our Developers as they continue to add to all the Rise goodness.  In the meantime I hope that using the text blocks or adding it to the Course Description area below the title are solutions you'll be able to implement!

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