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Troy Ashman

After a long time of trying to manage my fears of putting my work out there, I've finally done it. I made a mock up using Articulate Rise and it's published here. This is the first time I've published my work, so any feedback is welcome.


Karma Seawright

I am desperate for the Review feature to be made available in Rise.  Will this be released soon?  I'm having a very difficult time collecting and applying feedback from SMEs during my course development process -- I love Rise, but there's just no good way to work through the collaboration and editing process...

Andris Babuskins
Stacey Boon

Ability to publish to word would be great as well.   It's a real challenge to try and gather and collate feedback.  Hope to see the review feature very soon....

I am absolutely on board with Stacey here. I am right now in the process of rewriting the content of the Rise course, in order to be able to share it on a doc with other collaborators. Exporting as text is a badly needed feature.