Articulate Rise Course with Storyline Interactions- Not Working in SuccessFactors LMS

Apr 16, 2018

I have an Articulate Rise course with Storyline interactions that won't play correctly on the SuccessFactors LMS. 

Storyline Interactions: I can only get the Storyline interactions to work in both IE and Chrome if I publish the interaction as Flash only. If I publish with any HTML is gets stuck on the loading screens, or wont advance at all.

Marking Credit: The only way to get the Rise course to mark with credit is to publish in Scorm. SuccessFactors works best with AICC courses. But, AICC courses from Rise are giving an error in IE 11.

Course Acting Strangely: So now that I have Scorm Rise courses with Flash-only Storyline interactions, I am getting strange course performance. In Chrome, we are getting Flash-plugin errors, and the course is changing sizes on it's own. In IE, the course is changing sizes, and skipping content to jump down to the flash interactions.

I would love to just have a course that launches, doesn't freeze, doesn't skip content, and gives credit. Any other thoughts on what I should do? 

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Alyssa Gomez

Really sorry you're running into all these roadblocks, Nicole! We're here to help, so I'm glad you reached out.

First, have you tested the AICC output in another LMS environment? SCORM Cloud is a helpful tool for this kind of testing. 

If everything works properly in SCORM Cloud, then I would say the issues are related to SuccessFactors LMS. 

Let me know if you'd like some help with that testing!

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