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Russell Looi

Hi Alyssa,

I have a similar experience with Tom Warburton, we have disabled the forward seeking for videos, however, when a learner views the video content on an iPad (video in full screen mode), they are still able to skip ahead.

This scenario can be replicated with the following steps using an iPad:

1) Play video content
2) Click on full screen icon
3) Try dragging the seekbar (video will pause)
4) Click on play icon
5) Video has been fast-forwarded

Repeat steps 3 and 4 if you are unable to replicate it.

Can the bug be fixed, else it's a pity that this feature would not be that usable anymore.

Crystal Horn

Hi Russell -- thanks for checking in on this. We do have this behavior listed as a bug. Even though the mobile device player can be "scrubbed," it shouldn't be playing from the forwarded position.

I don't have an update yet, but I'll make sure the impact on you is properly reflected. We'll share updates here when we can.