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Karl Muller

An iFrame is used when you want to directly display the contents of an external web site within another web site.

For example, in our Rise courses we include a survey using a survey hosted on an external survey web site. We use an iFrame for this purpose.

You are doing the same thing to display your Rise courses that are hosted externally on an Articulate server within your LMS.

If you load the course SCORM packages into the LMS itself, an iFrame should not be required.

Crystal Horn
Hi Judith. All great questions!
  1. If you’re interested in using Rise.com to author, host, and manage your courses and learners, you can absolutely import your Rise 360 courses. Here’s how.
  2. If you export your Rise 360 content for LMS, the package will work whether your LMS uses a frame or a new window to display your content.
  3. What won’t work is if you use an iframe to embed your course in the LMS using the Share link that you get from Rise 360.
So, Rise.com, sure thing! Exporting for LMS, no problem there! Not exporting and just using the Share link -- it won’t work in an iframe. Let me know if I can clarify anything!
Judith Reymond

Ok, NOW I think I understand. It was really helpful to hear what would NOT work


Judith Reymond

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