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Elizabeth Miles

Yes, but this one was accidental!  I only intended to show faculty where to find this instructional resource that I created in Rise, but when I pulled it up during a meeting they asked me to go through the entire thing.  That actually worked out really well because it prompted a number of questions that I was able to answer in person.  After the meeting, several faculty asked what software I used to create my presentation.  :)

I also used Rise to create Noah's Story and Lauren's Story, which were delivered by an instructor during a face to face nursing class, and this Interdisciplinary Case that OT and nursing students worked on collaboratively during class.  The animated characters in the series of case studies below are threaded throughout two undergraduate classes that are taught during the same semester.  Students complete the cases outside of class, but review them during their face to face time with the instructor:  

  1. Ramsey Case 1
  2. Ramsey Case 2
  3. Ramsey Case 3
  4. Ramsey Case 4