Articulate Rise Inquiry : Generated Lesson URL : Was there a recent update on this?

When we create a lesson in our Rise courses, it generates a unique lesson link for that specific lesson.

You can see this if you open the developer mode of Chrome, or if you look at the browser address field


Chrome developer mode:

Chrome devtools

Browser URL field:

In the example above, NJBBbkENk3oZ6vB8DKS0nrPBfYgn4FtA is the "unique" lesson id created.

Why is this important to us?

Since Rise doesn't have a  glossary feature, we are using lessons as a form of glossary.

We link keywords from a separate Rise course to the lessons acting as glossary terms residing in the URL above.


Before, even if we send the Rise course back and fourth for development, there unique lesson links doesn't change. If a lesson has NJBBbkENk3oZ6vB8DKS0nrPBfYgn4FtA assigned to it, it doesn't change at all. This is the reason why we are able to take advantage of this workaround to create a glossary in the form of lessons.

Now, when I simulate the issue, by sending a copy of the Glossary course to my team, each of this lesson links changes too. :( Thus, the link is broken when a user clicks it.


Is there a change in behavior with Rise, specifically when creating this unique lesson links, after the update in the log in? This issue only arose after the update. 

I hope someone from the team can help us in answering this inquiry. This is very important to our project.



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Sid Apolinario

so far, I noticed that the lesson links doesn't change when NOT shared. I guess, we should just keep the main Rise course to one person in order to preserve the lesson links, and not break the URLs for the glossary.

Will appreciate a feedback if there was a change with Rise though. Thanks!

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Sid. The expected behavior has been that when you send a copy of a course to another author, they'll see all new course IDs and lesson IDs in the URL since each authoring experience is unique. 

Can you use the course collaboration workflow so that there is only one copy of the course?