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Apr 03, 2020

My course is built using Rise. At the end of the course I have a Quiz lesson. I need to know if a learner passes this final quiz is there an Exit button? I do not see one when I preview the course in development. Question is after it is uploaded to the LMS does an Exit button display so the user can close the screen and exit the course? I tried putting in another lesson following the Quiz block. I cannot continue to any next block. Can you please tell me more about this. I do not understand what I cannot see. I have a course completed but stuck on the answer to this question.

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LaVon Bowman

There are lessons and what I see in other people's posts it that in order for a popup Exit button to display I have to have the left navigation set to close and the previous & next buttons off. That means they can only navigate in a linear fashion and cannot revisit lessons out of order. This seems weird to me and it would to the learners because the last course is the only one with a Quiz block. Is what I have said correct? I would need to create a course with a Quiz block lesson as a workaround for the issue of them not being able to navigate using the left menu.

LaVon Bowman

So at the end of my course with all the lessons, I build another course that only has the Quiz block in it. No one needs to navigate using the left menu because it is just the Quiz not other content to browse through.

The exit button will only display in the Quiz Course if the sidebar is closed and the previous and next buttons are off.

Now THAT MAKES SENSE. Problem solved.


Karl Muller

Hi LaVon.

We don't use locked-down navigation so I can't speak to the issues and impacts related to using those settings.

In our organization, these are our settings:


  • Navigation Mode: Free
  • Sidebar: Open
  • Previous and Next buttons: ON

Export Settings:

  • Exit Course Link: ON

These settings never get our learners "trapped" with nowhere to go.

They can either navigate up or down use the Previous and Next buttons, or the Menu. Before our learners take any of our courses, we have a very small course that reviews how to use the Rise navigation, how to keep track of their progress, and knowing when they have passed/completed a course.

That being said, once a learner has completed a Quiz, there is no "course completion" page/screen. Nor is there an Exit course popup button. I've seen a lot of comments regarding this on the forums, especially from people that are transitioning from Storyline to Rise.

If you turn on the Exit Course Link, the Exit Course message (as set in your labels) and link will permanently be displayed in the top-right corner of the browser. It is always there and not just after completing a quiz.

LaVon Bowman

I always use the same settings that you said you do and that works great when using the  But if you use the QUIZ block none of that works.

The only way to get it to work using the Quiz block is to restrict the navigation which I would not want to do except if the Quiz block is the only lesson in a course. You cannot put any other block after a Quiz block. Then there is no reason to navigate to previously viewed content because the Quiz block is the only lesson in the course. So then turning off the forward and next button options also make sense due to the the fact that the the Quiz block with all the questions is the only item in the course and you would not need previous and next buttons active in the Quiz block.

I hope I described this so it makes sense? Otherwise, you just add Knowledge Check blocks to build your Quiz (never using the Quiz block at all) and then you can add the interactive button block as an additional (to the one on the top right) Exit method.

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