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Aug 22, 2019

Hi there!

I'm a Digital Learning Designer and use a few different authoring tools to get my work done. I have recently started to use Rise for more of my builds and I have a question regarding quiz retakes.

One feature that would be very beneficial to me and my team would be the ability to only push out the questions that the learner got incorrect on a quiz retake. Is this possible in Rise?

As I mentioned I also use other authoring tools to build courses, one of those tools is GOMO. The retake quiz function was not originally part of the GOMO tool however we managed to get the team at GOMO to build us a custom block. Would that be a possibility with the Articulate team?

I'm aware that there is a work around by using a Storyline block in Rise, however as Storyline is not fully responsive in the way Rise is, this is not an ideal solution. I work for a large retail company and our content is accessed through multiple devices (desktop, laptop, phone and tablet), therefore we need fully responsive content.

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Matthew Oliver

Hi Holley,

I thought that might be the case, seems like a bit of an oversight to not have the ability to toggle "only show incorrect answers on re-attempts". Some courses that I build can have 20+ questions, which is a nightmare and a huge waste of time for learners that are off by 1 question.


Alison Elwen

I've a related query, please. Is it possible to remove the retake option?   I would like my learners to do the quiz, at the end of the course, and then exit the quiz without having to retake the quiz.  I have indicated that the pass mark is 80% but this is more a 'mental check' than anything else. They do not have to pass in order to exit.  

So how do I remove the 'retake' option or add another button to exit? 

Alison Elwen

Thank you for responding so quickly.

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