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Hi Guys, 

I am new in Articulate Rise. I need to implement SCORM 2004-3rd Edition having only menu screen and a topic with only video screen. Course completion in LMS should be mark completed when user comes to the end of video (not when video screen is loaded).

Please suggest me if it is possible in Rise or also suggest if we can do anything after publish the course.

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Nisha Makan

Hi Amit.

If you just want to track completion of a video you can upload your video into Articulate Review and then in the menu options download it as a scorm package. It will come up with an option window of what percentage of the video duration the learner needs to watch to mark as complete and once you set that it will download a scorm package for you with a video player at the bottom. I'm not sure if you can publish for SCORM 2004-3rd Editon, you might need to check that, and obviously test that it works in your LMS.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Amit,

It sounds like you need:

  • A start/menu screen as in Rise
  • a single video a user has to watch till completion
  • and to track completion by the user completing the video

I'd look at adding this video inside Storyline, and including a course completion trigger: 

Next, you'll publish that Storyline course to Review, so that you can pull it into your Rise course as a Storyline block. You'll then follow the steps here! 

Hope that helps!