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Alex Nevels

I'm having the same issues. Publishing for web and trying to play locally in latest build of Chrome. I've unzipped it on my desktop, confirmed the names weren't too long while unzipping, and then playing the index.html file. I get to the video and get that error.
I renamed the video to just be ESR.mp4 so characters/spacing wouldn't be an issue.

Videos that HAD been working are now no longer working. The 2019 course that we published in Rise the same way, with the same video files works fine, 2020 does not.


Also have tested in Firefox, IE, and Edge with same results.

Crystal Horn

Hi everyone! We're having a look at an issue with our output playing videos when launched locally. I'm sorry for the trouble.

In the meantime, here's a workaround for those of you familiar with opening your exports and adjusting a little code:

  • Extract the contents of the export file
  • Edit the file main.bundle.js using Notepad.
  • Search for this exact text, including the comma: crossOrigin:"anonymous",
  • Delete this text from the file and save. 

If you need some help with those steps, please open a case with us and privately share your zipped export file by clicking here.

Chino Navarro

Hi Kwaku,

Thank you for the details. Can you try the following?

  •  Please make sure the video's filename on your computer doesn't have any special characters in it. If it does, please remove the special characters and reupload the video into your Rise 360 course.
  • Can you create a new test course, upload the video, then check if the issue will also happen to this test course?
  • Get a different copy of the video from your computer, upload it into Rise 360 and check if you will still get the error.

If the issue persists, please send us your video file here. Our support engineers will take a closer look.