Articulate Storyline Integration Plugin for LearnDash LMS - Now Supports Articulate Rise!

Sep 12, 2018

Hi Everyone,

I'm here to announce that the latest version of my Lesson and Topic Progression Plugin for LearnDash LMS now works with content produced in Articulate Rise!

Previously it was possible to launch Articulate Rise content in LearnDash, but learners still had to return to the original page in order to click a Mark Complete button in order to move onto the next lesson in their course.

Using our plugin it is now possible to launch Rise content within a LearnDash lesson or topic page and include a way for learners to mark that page as complete in Rise without them having to return back to the original page!

You can see the results of this in action by watching the following YouTube video: 

You can get started with our plugin for free directly from the WordPress plugin repository here: 

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