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Sharon English

Hello Christine - can you explain a bit more about the new collaborate feature? Will this new feature allow for the final project to be saved by the creator or the collaborator (even if they are not from the same team). For example, we may employ a contract instructional designer who uses Rise and commission them to develop a course for us, which we ultimately will own. The contractor is the creator, we'll collaborate as the subject experts, and when the project is finished, we want to have the original project files stored within our Rise account. This would be no different to a graphic designer forwarding to their client, at the end of a project, both the .ai files (raw) and the jpgs etc (processed).

Christine le Roux

Hi Leslie and Sharon

Thank you for your comments. Sharon you have hit the nail on the head. Currently, we are designing content for clients in Rise but the client will never "own" the source content on Rise as this project will sit on our account

As per your solution, it would be great if you can transfer or assign Rise project to different accounts. I think this feature is a key element in a collaborative authoring environment.


Leslie McKerchie

Hello Sharon and Christine - I do not have any further details on the collaboration feature, but I do know that working across teams is something that many of our users have specified a need for having. It is slated for Q2 of this year, so hopefully we will have some additional information soon and be sure to follow the What's New, What's Next page.