Attachment Behavior: Open in additional Browser Tab vs direct Download

Jun 27, 2019

Since the last update the Attachment block seems to have a new on-click behavior: when a user clicks there, the attachment gets downloaded.

In the past that block's default behavior was to open the attachment in another browser window.

I do not see how I can change that to be the way it was? Am I overlooking something?

See for example this course we made in the past:

Versus this new one we just setup: :

Notice that if I create a new attachment block in the OLD course, this new block will behave the new way, i.e., it will do a direct file download.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Julio!

We recently made a change to the way that Rise 360 handles attachments. This change resulted in files downloading instead of opening in a new tab.

If you added an attachment block prior to that change, the attachment could still open in a new tab. That would explain why the files in the older course open in a new tab, and the files in the newer course download automatically.

Let me know if you have other questions about that!


Terry Godfrey

When you view the course Share URL, does the PDF download or open in a new tab? Also, what web browser are you using for testing?

* Web Browser = Microsoft Edge
* The PDFs open in a new tab

Here is what's happening.....

* Our LMS is SuccessFactors
* Our company recently pushed out Microsoft Edge
* Up until then we used (and still do) Internet Explorer (IE)

When we publish to our LMS, here are the issues:

* If course(s) is/are launched in our LMS with EDGE:
* PDF(s) opens in a tab
* When we close PDF(s) the first time - user returns to course page
* When PDF(s) are opened a second time - page is closed - LMS page has to be minimized - course page revealed.
* Also, we have links to access our Microsoft Video Stream Internal Network Page to show 5 different videos
* Each video has it's own button to launch and play video.
* In Edge - when user clicks on video 1 to launch - it plays correctly.
* Upon returning and clicking on another button for video 2 - it goes to the Microsoft Video Stream Page where we store all videos in a Library
* When closing - it closes LMS

* If course(s) is/are launched in our LMS with Internet Explorer (IE):
* No issues

Note: I've been using RISE 360 to publish courses to our LMS (SuccessFactors) since March / 2019 using IE to launch. Most courses are compliance related (we are a Natural Gas and Oil Company located in US / Canada / Mexico) and contain procedure .pdfs for employees to review (the most we have within one course is 12).

Up until we (our company) pushed EDGE out to employees a few weeks ago - we had absolutely no issues with PDFs launching as attachments in RISE.

It's very important that we are able to launch PDFs in our publications. In addition, the same issues repeated themselves when I recently published a course in Storyline 360.

Any advice for us to address, and correct, this issue is greatly appreciated.

I'm one of 16 employees with a full Articulate 360 subscription at TC Energy.

Terry Godfrey
Learning Consultant / Instructional Designer
Technical Learning & Development

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Terry!

Would you mind sending your course output file to our team? That way, we can test the behavior in another LMS environment. This will tell us whether the issue relates to the course itself or to your LMS and/or the web browser.

If that works for you, you can send that file to our team privately by clicking here. 

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